Forest Farm Peace Garden

Forest Farm Peace Garden
Concern, 98-100 Ilford Lane
Ilford, Essex
Tel: 020 8477 1655


Forest Farm Peace Garden is a registered charity dedicated to environmental and community sustainability.

We are committed to organic gardening and other ecologically sound practices, but aim to contribute to sustainable local food production, to the physical and mental health of the community, and to the promotion of a diverse, tolerant and equitable society.

We work with a broad cross-section of the community to promote health, well-being and cultural awareness. We are committed to applying the core principles of permaculture: Earth Care = People Care = Fair Share .

The Peace Garden offers opportunities for people of all ages and levels of experience interested in volunteering, community and the environment.

Our Core Activities are organic food growing, gardening and cooking, tree planting and wildlife conservation.

Our Educational activities include environmental education, horticultural and landscaping education and medicinal and culinary herbal education.

Arts and Crafts lessons and activities include: woodcarving, wood-turning, sustainable carpentry, mosaic making, painting, sculpture making, African drumming, outdoor social events and more.

Refugee Integration
The Peace Garden is committed to promoting refugee health and integration, as a vital part of creating a healthy, diverse and equitable society.

Along with the communal activities, refugees and asylum seekers may have their own plots in the garden, where they can grow the fruits and vegetables of their choice .

Mental Health
With past funding from Capital Volunteering, we offer a supported volunteering programme for people with or recovering from enduring mental ill health.

Our activities are centred on health and sustainability.

The garden is designed to teach about the natural world, educate about environmental technologies, and encourage sustainable ways of living.


Charity Number: 1118616 | Company Number: 4323551