Arcola Theatre

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24 Ashwin St
E8 3DL
Tel: 020 7503 1646


Arcola Theatre combines award winning professional theatre, community engagement and sustainability.

1. Produce more award-winning home-grown plays
2. Build wider partnerships with high-calibre UK and international theatre companies and host their productions
3. Tour home grown productions, particularly to countries such as Turkey which do not have a culture of radical theatre, particularly through our ‘sister’ venue Arcola Istanbul
4. Further develop as an arts and cultural centre that provides a platform for new voices and works with local artists, community groups, a youth theatre and local schools to make theatre a popular cultural form of expression.
5. Develop a new model of theatre management which fosters excellence in artistic output through constant innovation in every aspect of the organisation. Mitigating stagnation and social exclusion through comprehensive ‘on the job’ training and active integration of people and resources across all ‘departments’
6. Create the first centre for new energy technology in the arts. ‘Arcola Energy’ will be a hub for new thinking and cross-fertilisation between arts and science; bringing together artistic, entrepreneurial and technological creativity to explore, describe and address some of the greatest challenges of our age.

– Deliver a regular in-house production/co-production programme of 5 shows, with one or more shows touring internationally. A further 5 visiting shows in Studio 1 and 12 visiting shows in Studio 2
– Develop the staff team through the recruitment of experienced fundraising managers
– Expand fundraising activities to secure further five and six-figure multiple-year grants from the public sector, private benefactors and major trusts
– Develop new revenue streams complementary to our mission to minimise reliance on grant income
– Secure premises for the longer term (presently secure for 7 years) and continually improve them to facilitate further activities without losing the slightly down-at-heel ‘everyone welcome’ feel
– Further develop our comprehensive training scheme for local people and international volunteers
– Expand existing youth and community activities and establish an annual showcase.
– Establish an environment which supports the development of new theatre and community groups through the provision of sufficient space, resources and training.
– Install publicly prominent renewable energy systems to provide 100% of annual energy consumption
– Pioneer new approaches in integrating arts, science and community activities which deliver excellence in each field individually and in combination
– Play a significant role in shaping the future of Dalston, particularly the role of the creative industries
– Work, with partners, to ensure that the people of Hackney enjoy maximum involvement and benefit from the 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games
– Grow earned income to rebuild company financial reserves to provide long-term stability.

Charity Number: 1118616 | Company Number: 4323551