Biorenewables Capital Grant Scheme (Yorkshire And Humber) Now Open To Applications

The Biorenewables Capital Grant Scheme is designed to support local small and medium sized businesses (SMEs) working with biorenewable materials to invest in capital equipment to deliver growth through innovative developments and pilot scale activities.

The scheme’s key aim is to help foster innovation and initiate new economic activity to drive the Yorkshire and Humber’s bioeconomy, defined as ‘the production of renewable biological resources and their conversion into food, feed, bio-based products and bioenergy’.

The scheme can award 64% of the funding towards capital equipment, from £12,800 up to £32,000 per SME. The scheme expects to fund around 26 projects in 2014.

To be eligible for support, applicants must be located in West Yorkshire, East Yorkshire, North Yorkshire or the Humber region (businesses in South Yorkshire are not eligible to apply) and be classified as an SME.

Capital equipment purchased through the scheme should enable the applicant’s business to develop new innovative bio-based products or processes. In particular, funding should allow the business to purchase key pieces of pilot-scale production equipment to test proof of concept before committing to full scale development.

The scheme can fund a diverse range of equipment, such as:

  • Algae-based production facilities.
  • Platform chemical pilot-scale manufacturing equipment.
  • Microwave-based equipment to evaluate processing of food waste.
  • Natural insecticide manufacturing pilot-plants.
  • Innovate anaerobic digestion pilot plant equipment.

The Biorenewables Capital Grant Scheme will be delivered in three competitive calls during 2014. The deadline for submission of Expressions of Interest in the first call is 3 March 2014 (5pm).

Charity Number: 1118616 | Company Number: 4323551