Two wheels to empower them all

For this issue’s Featured Member, LCRN slips into sleek cycling gear and puts on a helmet to embark on a thrilling ride to London Bike Kitchen (LBK), Jenni Gwiazdowski’s little bike workshop based in Hackney. Along the […]


A haven for the creative of mind

In the first of a series of features about scrapstores in London, LCRN comes knocking on Work and Play Scrapstore’s doors. As this Wandsworth-based non-for-profit approaches its 30th anniversary, we learn of the challenges and the […]


Changing the minds of Londoners, one nappy at a time

This week, LCRN sits to have a chat with Hilary Vick, founder of Nappy Ever After and green entrepreneur selected as one of the ten London Leaders for the 2015 Programme. We talk about her upcoming […]


Man of the people

Darren Taylor, managing director of ECO-Communities, explains to LCRN’s Paul Braithwaite why he is a very successful businessman running a social enterprise company which helps the poor and the digitally excluded, to a better life. […]

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Special report from West Africa – witnessing the birth of community recycling in The Gambia

Since 1997, Isatou Ceesay and the Gambia Women’s Initiative has been working with women in four communities across the tiny west African state of The Gambia to address not only the environmental impact of unregulated […]


Food skills can change lives…

By Paul Braithwaite   Legendary Hackney chef, Parkholme Supper Club’s, Alicia Weston has been hosting a series of four Food Skills lessons, in partnership with LCRN, for people on benefits and for those who need […]

Furniture with a future

by Richard Featherstone, development manager of London Re-use Ltd and life president of the Furniture Re-use Network.   From now on it’s not about more of the same styles wherever you go. London Re-use Network […]

Why are clothes so important when it comes to building a sustainable culture?

by Andrea Speranza, head of education at Traid.   The importance of clothes transcends cultures, time and geographies. No matter whether we are talking about the present or Victorian times: what we wear on our bodies […]


I know someone who wants unwanted food…

by Paul Braithwaite.   I am particularly pleased about the WRAP story where six trial projects saw 5.5tonnes of unwanted food diverted from the waste stream and sent to charities and food banks. My immediate […]

Waste and social care: Making the link between re-use and welfare

by Richard Featherstone, development manager of London Re-use Ltd and life president of the Furniture Re-use Network.   I’ve recently returned from the FRN (Furniture Re-Use Network) conference in Nottingham. A key issue was the […]

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Talking about food waste by not talking about food waste

In March, LCRN, with Hackney chef Alicia Weston, and hosted by the Shoreditch Trust, will be running 4 sessions for individuals receiving income related benefits. One of the key outcomes we’ll be looking at is […]


KELP helps youngsters to get with the employment rhythm. If only government agencies could tap into this vital work…

by Paul Braithwaite I was very impressed by the KELP, Kotuku Environmental Labourer Project, charity which helps long-term unemployed Londoners train as environmental labourers, finds them work experience for 26 weeks and mentors them during […]

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Consumers of the world unite – you have nothing to lose but the warranty on your bubblejet printers

I’ve just returned from workshop run by the People’s Design Lab ( where we’ve been considering one of perhaps the most cynically produced paraphernalia of modern day living – the bubblejet printer. Seemingly ever cheaper […]

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W-h-ither waste?

After graduating and after getting over the initial ‘yuck, rubbish’ factor, I was grateful I worked in recycling. Why? Well, many of my fellow students ended up in a variety of green sectors, mostly things […]

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The Power of Stuff

I have just spent the day facilitating a Resource Business course at LCRN towers. And it was one of those days where it was an honour just to observe others in action. On the one […]

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What is waste?

So to begin at the beginning… We may as well outline LCRN’s credo. You’ll be able to find this in the “About us” section where it will remain to let others know what we are […]


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