Cleaning up St Andrews Church and Hammerton Hall

Join the small residents group which is trying to make the St Andrews church and Hammerton Hall site in Lambeth secure, clean and tidy.

During two weekends we will be clearing rubbish and shrubs from the site, fixing broken fencing and putting new ones up in place where necessary.

We will replant the small garden area.

We may paint railings if we get enough hands to help.

The work starts at 10am on Saturday June 21 and ends at 4pm. Work begins again at 10am on the following Saturday, June 29 and finishes at 4pm. The address of the church is St Andrews Church, Landor Road, London SW9 9JE.

Please wear sensible shoes and tough gloves as litter pickers have encountered drug paraphernalia on the site previously.

On 21 June the Church has an open day and everyone (and anyone) is invited to come and see Lambeths’ oldest working parish church.



Charity Number: 1118616 | Company Number: 4323551