Culpeper Community Garden

Address:culpeper logo
1 Cloudesley Road
N1 0EG
Tel: 020 7833 3951


Community managed and run garden used by the public, schools and community groups to promote healthy lifestyles and environmental issues.

To involve local people and expressly those who are disadvantaged in the running of Culpeper Garden community environmental project

SPECIFIC AIMS (outcomes)
1. The increased involvement of people from all sections of the local community in managing, maintaining and receiving benefit from the garden, thereby creating increased community cohesion
2. To create a welcoming environment where everyone feels valued and that they have a contribution to make, especially people from disadvantaged groups.
3. To increase knowledge and understanding of environmental issues
4. To improve learning and sharing, and in so doing, become a model of good practice.

OBJECTIVES (outputs/ activities)
1. To provide a membership scheme, gardening and associated activities, encouraging the active participation in, and management of the project by local people.
2. Within a welcoming atmosphere and ethos of inclusion, to facilitate and run groups for people with particular disadvantage (e.g. disability/ mental health/ refugee/ children).
3. To provide a range of formal and informal learning opportunities for all ages (e.g. wildlife/ recycling/food growing/art/gardening workshops/school visits)
4. To share experience and knowledge with local and national groups with similar aims, especially those just setting up. We will hold information and advice sessions both at the garden and to local projects/ school. We will produce and distribute publicity.

Charity Number: 1118616 | Company Number: 4323551