Earthscan Expert book series

Earthscan’s Expert book series provides clear, practical information for people who want to work with environmentally-friendly low-carbon technologies.

From specific handbooks to more general guides, each highly-illustrated title is essential reading for professionals keen to expand their skills base and take advantage of the low carbon revolution.

The books published so far include:

SOLAR TECHNOLOGY – recently published, full colour illustrations, covering all major solar technologies: heating, electricity generation, cooling.

GRID-CONNECTED SOLAR ELECTRIC SYSTEMS – lots of full colour illustrations, the ideal guide for electricians, builders and architects, housing and property developers, home owners and DIY enthusiasts, and anyone who needs a clear introduction to grid-connected solar electric technology.

SOLAR DOMESTIC WATER HEATING – how solar water heating works, different types of systems, types of collectors, both flate plate and evacuated tubes, types of storage tanks and other accessories, system layouts, cistern design and economic aspects, fully illustrated, published 2010, 192 pages.

WOOD PELLET HEATING SYSTEMS – how wood pelleting heating works, different types of systems, from small living room stove systems to larger central heating systems for institutions, installation guidlines, system design and wood pellet manufacture, illustrated, published 2010, 176 pages.

SUSTAINABLE HOME REFURBISHMENT – renewable energy requires efficient energy use. This book covers most aspects of retrofitting homes for efficiency, illustrated, published 2010, 256 pages.

STAND-ALONE SOLAR ELECTRIC SYSTEMS – covers most aspects of off-grid solar systems, including components (modules, controllers, inverters, batteries), design and sizing, as well as water pumping, fully illustrated, published 2010, 224 pages.

RENEWABLE ENERGY SYSTEMS – a book about what types of renewable energy systems are most suitable for homes, small businesses, farms, fully illustrated, due out soon, can be ordered now.

ENERGY MANAGEMENT IN BUILDINGS – a guide to efficient energy management in buildings, how to conduct energy audits, plan and monitor a verification strategy and make an energy saving campaign successful. For professional energy, building and facility managers, energy consultants, students, trainees and academics, illustrated, published 2013, 240 pages.

ENERGY MANAGEMENT IN INDUSTRY – guide to conducting energy audits, verification strategies and making energy saving successful. Aimed at professional energy, industry and facilities managers, energy consultants, students, trainees and academics and can be read alongside training for ISO 50001 – Energy Management Systems, illustrated, published 2013, 176 pages.

PICO-SOLAR ELECTRIC SYSTEMS – this book introduces the reader to the world of pico-solar, small solar devices, lanterns and systems which are being used across the world to power the new generation of energy efficient appliances. It includes useful recommendations for entrepreneurs, charities and governments which want to participate in developing this exciting and rapidly expanding market, illustrated, published 2014, 232 pages.

SOLAR COOLING – cooling buildings is a major global energy consumer, and growing year by year. This guide to active solar cooling explains all you need to know about coverting solar energy into cooling energy. Makes clear in what situations active solar cooling technology makes sense, illustrated, published 2014, 176 pages (out in June 2014).

ANAEROBIC DIGESTION – MAKING BIOGAS – MAKING ENERGY – Anaerobic Digestion (AD) plants produce biogas to generate heat and electricity, and fertilisers. Large, medium and small-scale plants are common in Europe and the USA. Describes the most common AD systems, how they work, the impact of scale, financial implications, and how to get involved in this promising industry, illustrated, 176 pages (out late 2014).

All these books may be purchased from Amazon, some in e-form.



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