EcoActive Education

Address:ecoActive logo
Morningside Community Centre
Cresset Road
E9 6SJ
Tel: 020 8510 0113


Aims and Objectives:

To promote sustainable development in Hackney and north-east London through education programmes which build participants’ knowledge, skills and confidence.

To tackle climate change and fuel poverty by helping schools, families and communities save energy and reduce their CO2 emissions, giving them the motivation and resources to continue that work once we have gone.

To encourage people of all ages to think about sustainability, to make lifestyle changes and to improve their communities through their own actions by bringing people together to create inspiring art, crafts and green spaces as well as recycling, composting and energy initiatives.

To develop a network of sustainable development ‘champions’ in the community by training and developing volunteers and session workers who take part in our work.

To build active citizenship across all of Hackney and north-east London’s diverse communities, helping people take responsibility for their family, their neighbourhood and the planet.

Charity Number: 1118616 | Company Number: 4323551