Entries Invited For The 2013 BusinessGreen Leaders Awards

The programme is designed to recognise and promote individuals, teams and businesses in the UK that are engaged in ‘trailblazing sustainable thinking’ and are capable of establishing the template other businesses can adhere to as we all move to a low carbon economy.

Winners will gain the kudos associated with winning. They will also be identified as a leader that other businesses can and should follow.

The 2014 award categories comprise:

  • Consultancy of the Year
  • Law Firm of the Year
  • NGO of the Year
  • Sustainability Team of the Year
  • Young Sustainability Executive of the Year
  • Sustainability Executive of the Year
  • Small Business of the Year
  • Leader of the Year
  • Company of the Year
  • Innovation of the Year Award
  • Green PR Company of the Year
  • Green IT Project of the Year
  • Green Transport Project of the Year
  • Renewable Energy Project of the Year
  • Waste or Recycling Project of the Year
  • Water Management Project of the Year
  • Energy Efficiency Project of the Year
  • Green Car of the Year
  • Politician of the Year
  • Lifetime Achievement Award
  • Fast-track company of the year – new for 2014
  • Entrepreneur of the year – new for 2014

Businesses and NGOs across all sectors in the United Kingdom may enter this awards programme.

The deadline for entries is 1 March 2014.


Charity Number: 1118616 | Company Number: 4323551