Food Skills Not Food Poverty

LCRN is working with  legendary Hackney chef, Parkholme Supper Club’s Alicia Weston trialing a series of lessons funded by the Co-operative Community Fund that will teach people to cook tasty, home cooked food without breaking the bank.

These lessons will take place over March and are offered completely free (including the food!).  They are aimed at people on benefits who would either like to learn to cook more cheaply, or people who would like to learn to cook to save money on takeaways, etc.

They are on Tuesdays and will take place at the Healthy Living Centre, 170 Pitfield Street, London N1 6JP.

The dates are the 4,11,18 and 25th March and the classes will start at 12 noon and last 2 hours.

Absolute beginners are welcome.

In the lessons you will learn to make one dish, hands on, and another will be demonstrated (you may be able to take part a bit), which you can then try.  You will be provided with recipes to take home.

If you would like to cook these dishes again at home, you can buy the ingredients at cost price from us after the lesson, meaning that the meals will cost only £1.25 per person. (For the first lesson they will be HALF PRICE).  This is a good economical way to buy it as you won’t have any waste and will only have exactly the ingredients you need like ginger and spices, rather than buying a whole packet.

In these lessons you will learn:

Cottage Pie, a lovely warming winter dish, leftovers are great too! 
Broccoli Pasta (v)– An Italian boyfriend’s dad cooked this for me once and I immediately asked to be taught how to make it. Kids like it too, despite it containing a lot of broccoli!
Chinese chicken with soya sauce and ginger, sweetcorn fritters and rice – the chicken is a Malaysian homestyle dish my mother cooked for me since I was a child.  The sweetcorn fritters are incredibly popular with children and a great way to get them to eat veg.
Vegetable Dhansak and rice (v) – A Dhansak is a curry cooked with lentils, but with other things added.  I first made this dish to use up some old pulses in the cupboard that had been there years. It was so tasty I had to buy more!
Beef Stew with butter beans and potatoes – based on a delicious West Indian stew, it teaches you that cheap cuts of meat are delicious if you know what to do with them.
Chinese Stir Fried noodles with vegetables (v) – home style Chinese cooking
Salmon Fishcakes with coleslaw – this is a great storecupboard staple, it uses tinned salmon but you wouldn’t know.  And it uses up left over mash.  Easy and tasty weekday supper.
Channa Masala (v) (chickpea curry) – this is a dish we’ve served at the supperclub on several occasions, it’s very popular.
To book these lessons please contact us or call 020 7324 4702

Charity Number: 1118616 | Company Number: 4323551