Forest Farm Peace Garden Trustees Needed

Forest Farm Peace Garden  is looking for new trustees. We are a permaculture inspired, therapeutic garden offering an Eco therapy Programme and environmental education workshops and events to promote health well-being and environmental sustainability.

We offer:


Therapeutic gardening sessions for people suffering from anxiety, depression and social isolation.


For people to get hands on experience in social care and therapeutic gardening.


To learn about herbs, beekeeping and food growing


Our Trustee Board is responsible for the overall management and health of the organisation.
Board members undertake strategic planning for the organisation, overseeing finances and fundraising; policies and human resources, and are responsible for ensuring that the organisation is meeting its aims.
The Board meets as a group on a bi -monthly basis, with meetings generally in the evenings starting around 6:30 and lasting for 2 hours.
Please note that because the Peace Garden is a charitable company limited by guarantee, Board members have limited liability. That means that our trustees are not individually financially liable for the organisation, provided that they have not been negligent about performing their duties. It is important, though, that the members of the board take all reasonable steps to ensure physical and mental safety of staff and volunteers, that they take reasonable steps to secure the financial health of the organisation, and that they take reasonable steps to prevent harm and ensure that we are compliant with the law.
Areas of interest:
Environment, Mental Health,
Business, Management and Research, Finance Work, Fundraising, Trusteeship and
Committee Work

We ask all prospective trustees to fill up a simple form. Please e-mail Aaron if you are interested in applying for a role.

The Chair of the Trustees Board
Aaron Edgeley

Office address:
Forest Farm Peace Garden
C/o Redbridge Concern for Mental
98-100 Ilford Lane
Garden address:
Forest Farm Peace Garden is at the end of Hazelbrouck Gardens, Hainault, IG6 2XL.

Charity Number: 1118616 | Company Number: 4323551