Forest Recycling Project

Address:forest recycling logo
FRP Centre, 2c Bakers Avenue (off Hoe Street)
E17 9AW
Tel: 020 8539 3856



Forest Recycling Project aims to promote social and environmental justice and help create a sustainable society through practical initiatives to reuse, recycle and reduce waste.


• Environmental: Mitigate climate change, adapt to energy change and improve the local and global environment by promoting behaviour change and advancing sustainable resource management

• Social: Increase access to resources, alleviate poverty and create work and volunteering opportunities for people to take positive actions to build resilient communities

• Economic: Be a viable social enterprise, supporting and strengthening a vibrant local green economy

• Financial: Maintain a commercially sound and financially sustainable organisation

• Organisational: Be a well-governed, accountable, effective and happy organisation which operates in accordance with positive shared values.

Charity Number: 1118616 | Company Number: 4323551