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104b Gaisford Street, Camden Town
Greater London
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“Don’t Throw it Away – Give it Away!”
Freegle is a national grassroots organisation of people throughout the UK who are giving and recieving free unwanted items in their immediate communities. All groups within this organisation operate with a basic principle – all offers and requests must be freegle (free and legal). With that in mind, the aims of freegle are: (a) To keep anything reusable out of our landfill sites; (b) Promote and support local community groups working in the area of reuse; (c) Empower and support volunteers working for local freegle groups; (d) Inform the public about environemtnal matters related to the reuse and recycling of unwanted usable goods; and, (e) Promote sustainable waste management practices.

Local charities, non-profit groups and communities are encouraged to join. With the opportunity of meeting new people and developing local community networks in the process.

“Enjoy freegling with the freegle community! – FREEly Given, Locally, Easily”

Charity Number: 1118616 | Company Number: 4323551