Furniture with a future

Richard Featherstone, London Re-use Ltd’s development manager

by Richard Featherstone, development manager of London Re-use Ltd and life president of the Furniture Re-use Network.


From now on it’s not about more of the same styles wherever you go.

London Re-use Network has a number of re-use workshops which up-cycle furniture to create individual pieces which make a statement about the space in which you live.

Find out more about how to buy furniture or get involved as a volunteer or trainee at

This messaging puts a positive spin on re-use. In contrast to my last blog, where I showed the importance of re-use to fulfil a social need, here I portray re-use as fun, a positive shopping experience.

A sure test of this is if a shopper is prepared to tell a friend of their shopping experience and how pleased they are with their purchase.

We like to show off about the bargains we have bought. The reuse sector needs to understand consumer habits and the rules that trigger customers to become re-use buyers.

Many people’s attitude to shopping is that buying new is always better.

We can prove that many items of furniture and appliances donated to us are at the high end of the quality scale. Whether furniture is up cycled or sold as it is, the buyer is very likely to get value for money because the quality can be as good as, or better than, new items sold at much higher prices.

Second hand does not mean second best!

Check out a re-use furniture warehouse: you might just love it!


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