Hounslow Community Transport Achieves PQASSO Level 1

Hounslow Community Transport (HCT), which operates the Hounslow Furniture Recycling Project, is a charity that was founded over 30 years ago.   The Hounslow Furniture Recycling Project was founded in 1993.

HCT decided a few years ago that its charity and all the services that it provides, which also includes running Shopmobility in Hounslow and providing  MiDAS driving training courses throughout the year, should undertake the rigorous organisational assessment provided by PQASSO Level 1.

PQASSO Level 1 assesses an organisation across 12 quality areas and seeks clear evidence to be produced to prove that the requirements of each quality level has been achieved.   For HCT the process started in late 2014 and concluded with a two day site visit in July 2016, which included eight interviews with Trustees, staff and volunteers as well as going through evidence and asking for additional information/documents etc.   At the end of the site visit we were given the good news that we had passed the assessment.

HCT learned a great deal from going through the rigour of the requirements to meet each of the twelve quality areas and I would recommend other organisations to consider PQASSO.


Written by Peter Blake, HCT Chief Officer

If you’re interested to know more of what can be expected by embarking on a similar journey, Peter Blake is more than happy to meet anyone in person to discuss.  Please contact: Peter@hounslowct.org.uk


Charity Number: 1118616 | Company Number: 4323551