Interview with ACE

This week we met ACE, Action for Community and the Environment, at their office in London to find out about their work. Iyke Anyanwu, the founder of ACE and Jess Parrilla, currently an intern, gave us a bit of background and told us about their mission.

ACE is an environmental charity aiming to drive people to become more sustainable by changing their behavioural patterns. One of ACE’s main projects is the sustainable communities project, which provides training for people who are unemployed and free workshops for housing associations and community groups in West and North London. ‘We act as a guide for people to then go off and live more sustainably while saving money’ says founder Iyke Anyanwu.

The workshops cover different aspects of sustainable living. ACE promotes recycling via their partnership with Loop and First Mile, food waste reduction, composting and energy saving tips in order to overcome fuel poverty. Jess Parrilla who is involved with these workshops says ‘our free workshops are very interactive and we provide activities and challenges for people to get involved with to show them the energy savings that they can make while looking at the money that they can save. For example, ACE works with U-Switch, a gas and energy comparison website to show people how much money they can save by switching to a different provider.’

ACE also provides training via the Jobcentre who send unemployed people who are interested in recycling and reuse to take part in ACE’s 4-day waste management and environmental training run in partnership with WAMITAB. After the four days participants are awarded a Level 1 qualification in waste management and there is a guarantee for a job interview for a waste management company.

Food Waste is another area where ACE actively engages with communities as Iyke explains, ‘we try and show people that by avoiding food waste they can save money, not just on the food itself, but also on utilities such as cooking gas’.

ACE partner’s with Love Food Hate Waste to show people how to reduce their food waste. They give out recipes for cooking with leftovers and do activities trying to show people what is the recommended portion size for a healthy diet.

To support the communities and local authorities in their transition towards sustainability, ACE will be introducing an app to serve as a ‘creative and inspiring monitoring tool’.

To find out more about ACE’s inspiring work or to get involved and volunteer for them visit


Charity Number: 1118616 | Company Number: 4323551