Know how to fix your bike!

The London Bike Kitchen is offering cyclists the chance to learn how to maintain their bikes in two, three-hour evening course which takes place on Tuesday March 25 and Wednesday March 26 between 6pm and 9pm. Cost of the course is £60.

So if you have ever wanted to get your hands dirty but didn’t know where to begin, LBK’s Introduction to Bike Maintenance course, will show you how.

 Day 1: How your bike works

1) Names of common bike parts

2) Essential basic tools: names and usage

3) How to give your bike a health check

4) How to clean and lubricate a bike (includes how to use a chain breaker, and how to use our fancy-pants, eco-friendly parts washer)

5) Fixing punctures

 Day 2: Preventative care for your bike

6) How to fit your bike to your body

7) Rim Brakes – how they work, how to adjust and how to change brake blocks + cables. NB, if you have hub brakes or disc brakes, your brakes won’t be covered by this class.

8) Derailleur Gears – how they work, how to index. Includes how to set high/low limit screws and how to adjust cable tension. NB, if you have hub gears, this won’t be covered in the class. There is a separate class on Sturmey Archer hub gears.

The teacher will be Alexis Zafiropolous, bike mechanic, cargo bike fanatic, and cyclist extraordinaire.

This course will take place Tuesday 25 and Wednesday 26 March from 6 – 9pm, and will include bottomless tea and coffee. You will also get 1 year’s LBK membership when you sign up! And if you don’t have your own bike – don’t worry, we can lend you one, just let us know beforehand.

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