Local Green Points Food Waste Challenge

Nine local authorities have launched Local Green Points’ Food Waste Challenge

Nine local authorities, including five London Boroughs have now launched Local Green Points’ Food Waste Challenge. West Norfolk, Havering, Camden, St Helens, Bexley, Waltham Forest, Epping Forest, Kingston and Torbay have all launched the Challenge to their residents to help reduce the amount of food waste residents send for disposal.

The average family wastes £60 worth of food a month, which adds up to a staggering £700 per year. The Food Waste Challenge encourages residents to think about how much food they are wasting and offers advice and strategies to help cut down the amount of food they put in the bin and save money on their food shop.

Residents who sign up to the Challenge are encouraged to make a pledge to one WRAPs five food waste behaviours: storing food correctly, understanding date labels, portion control, planning meals and making use of leftovers. For every week residents stick to their pledge they are rewarded with ‘green points’. The challenge is integrated into an innovative online platform, provided by Local Green Points, which rewards residents with prizes such as M&S and Love2Shop vouchers for reducing the amount they throw away, as well as supporting local charities with donations. Residents also receive a 5 month engaging digital communications campaign which motivates them to stick to their pledges, as well as giving them tools to reduce waste, such as free food waste prevention kits and links to online resources including Love Food Hate Waste leftover recipes.

With food waste being an expensive issue for both residents and for local authorities, the Food Waste Challenge is an exciting step forward than can inspire residents to make long-lasting behaviour changes to their food habits.

For more information, or to request a case study visit www.localgreenpoints.com or email info@localgreenpoints.com

Photo: Havering Food Waste Challenge launches to reduce food waste, which makes up over 1/3 of black sack waste in the Borough

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