The Loop@Pembury is drumming up support to win an award (and much-needed funding) – every vote helps!

The Loop@Pembury (a project of the RePurpose network) has been shortlisted in the Jewson Building Better Communities Awards. Votes will give them a chance at much-needed funding to open a new reuse hub. To vote, just follow this link, or click on the image below:

jewson building better communities

The Loop@Pembury

By Agata Elliott, London

We are looking for support from Jewson to refurbish an abandoned set of garages on a housing estate in Hackney, London (the Pembury Estate). Our vision is for these garages to become a ‘hub’ for reuse, which we are calling The Loop.

The Pembury Housing Estate has a real problem with fly tipping. Items are dumped on the estate which creates a negative atmosphere for residents. All furniture items that are fly-tipped end up being collected by caretakers and put into landfill, meaning that tonnes of perfectly usable items go to waste. At the same time this area of London, and this estate, hosts some residents who are on a very low income and who struggle to furnish their homes.

Our service will help address both these problems while also providing training and employment opportunities. The Loop will be a place where unwanted household items can get repaired and upcycled; where affordable furniture is made available to the community; and where residents can volunteer and learn new skills through courses and events. The money generated from sales will be reinvested back into the project. Everything sold will have been tested for safety, thoroughly cleaned and refurbished and appliances will come with warrantees.

We have consulted widely with residents on the project. We surveyed approximately 20% of the residents on the estate (151 households). 74% highlight fly-tipping as a problem on the estate, while 35% admit to fly-tipping themselves. 97% said they would be interested in a service that would make use of their unwanted items.  Residents are involved in the steering group for the project and will help decide what events and activities we host.

Charity Number: 1118616 | Company Number: 4323551