LWARB Efficiency Review Fund delivers savings for boroughs

The London Waste & Recycling Board has so far assisted 17 local authorities with its Efficiency Review Fund in the two years it has been operating.

LWARB will offer repayable grants up to a cap of £30,000 to boroughs to fund efficiency reviews for waste collection services and re-use and recycling centres.

The fund exists to help authorities reduce the costs of waste services without affecting performance or quality. Reviews can be undertaken within individual Boroughs or be carried out on a joint-authority basis.

LWARB appoints consultants to deliver Efficiency Reviews to boroughs through the programme and will work with WRAP and other organisations where appropriate to help deliver service changes. And boroughs are reminded that LWARB covers the costs up front and that boroughs repay LWARB for the cost of the work only when the savings have been made.

The fund operates in two phases.

Phase one is a desktop review to identify potential areas for improvement and to provide the authority with an idea of the potential high level savings that could be made.

Phase two is a more detailed operational review addressing key issues identified in Phase 1 and providing the authority with a more detailed view of the savings.

The two completed Phase Two reviews have identified savings of between £550,000 and £1.1million a year depending on what is implemented and both boroughs have now paid LWARB back for the funding they received as the efficiencies have start to be delivered.

In summary LWARB has:-

  • completed 11 Phase One reviews covering 17 boroughs;
  • completed two Phase Two reviews covering two boroughs;
  • four Phase Two reviews in progress with four boroughs; and
  • four Phase One reviews being scoped/due to start shortly.

Examples of the types of efficiency reviews LWARB has undertaken include:

  • a review and assessment of the productivity of collection rounds to identify potential efficiencies in frontline operations;
  • a review of containerisation across all waste/recycling services;
  • an overall service review to include productivity, increasing recycling and decreasing residual waste; and
  • a waste and recycling collection options appraisal.

Any borough which is interested in an efficiency review should contact Beverley Simonson on 020 7960 3679 or Beverley.simonson@lwarb.gov.uk.

Charity Number: 1118616 | Company Number: 4323551