Do you need volunteers?

Friends Life employees are offering their services to local schools, charities or community organisations for a day this June, whether it’s painting, gardening, ground clearance or tidying (to name just a few possibilities), its teams are keen to help out in any way they are able as part of its “Team Challenge” programme.

They are particularly keen for volunteering days that fall between June 16-27 but are happy to consider other dates if necessary. The teams of volunteers can be anything from two to 20 people depending on the work that needs doing.

If you have any jobs a team could do, please fill in your details on the form about what you’d like done; how many people you think would be needed to complete the work; and to advise if any particular clothing or equipment would be needed.

Groups will be added to a list of volunteering opportunities that teams can pick from.

For any more questions please email



Charity Number: 1118616 | Company Number: 4323551