OLIO, The Food Sharing Revolution


Hi, I’m Saasha, the co-founder of OLIO, The Food Sharing Revolution.  As you’re probably aware, food waste is a massive problem on a global scale. Over 1/3 of food globally goes to waste, and in the UK households throw away £12.5 billion of perfectly edible food each year. While there are significant problems along the supply chain, especially between the supermarkets and farmers, our focus for OLIO is on individuals and what they can do at a hyper-local level to reduce food waste.basic-product-logo_full-coloured-version-with-tagline_-logo-with-tagline-for-screen_2211x1299

It wasn’t so long ago that people sourced their food from a variety of places, including from their neighbours. People regularly exchanged baked goods, home grown fruit & veg, etc within the community. We hope that OLIO, by leveraging digital technology, can facilitate these types of neighbourly exchanges again.

OLIO is super easy to use – going on holiday and have a fridge full of good food that needs eaten? Simply snap a picture, post to OLIO and anyone nearby who uses OLIO can see what’s on offer, and stop by to collect. Businesses, too, have a lot of inventory that remains unsold near the end if its edible life. They can post these items (for free or at a steep discount) and prevent them from going into the bin, whilst at the same time attracting new customers to their establishment.

In order for OLIO to succeed we need as many people as possible within a certain geographic area so we have sufficient supply/demand dynamics to keep users interested and build a thriving network of food sharers. We are asking people to pre-register with their email address and post code at www.OLIOex.com, and then when we have enough people within a given postcode we will release OLIO in that area.

Members of the LCRN can help OLIO achieve its mission by telling everyone they know about OLIO and encouraging them to sign up at www.OLIOex.com. We are also looking for OLIO Ambassadors – people who are especially passionate about fighting food waste and want to volunteer to support us within their area. Please email saasha@OLIOex.com if this is of interest to you.

Viva la Food Sharing Revolution, OLIO!

Charity Number: 1118616 | Company Number: 4323551