Penge Green Gym at Winsford Gardens

It is time to enjoy the summer while still keeping active and improving the general surroundings of Winsford Gardens in Penge. During the growing season we don’t undertake any big construction projects as it could disturb wildlife.

But there are still things to do so neighbours and volunteers from even further afield are invited to join workers at the parks. Jobs still to do may include:

  • Completing the informational interpretation signage for the bog garden and urban orchard areas;
  • Work to improve the ponds and the area around the bog garden;
  • Tidying up – Lawn edging, path clearing, weeding and general housekeeping;
  • Tool maintenance – sharpening and cleaning;
  • Improving soil quality and mulching flower beds thickly with compost or wood chip;
  • Creating wildlife habitats such as putting up bird boxes;
  • Turn compost to aerate and speed decomposition;
  • Planting up and maintaining the ornamental beds with new plants we have bought, grown and been donated;
  • Tending the vegetable beds. harvesting vegetables;
  • Working in the native wildflower meadows to increase biodiversity within the gardens and to make them bee friendly; and
  • Repair to the willow fence around the wildflower meadows.

If you would like to join us… we would love to meet you. Just come along to Winsford Gardens, Garden Road, Penge (off Croydon Road near the Ancaster Garage) at about 10.45am on Wednesday August 6.


Charity Number: 1118616 | Company Number: 4323551