The Power of Stuff

I have just spent the day facilitating a Resource Business course at LCRN towers. And it was one of those days where it was an honour just to observe others in action.

On the one hand, we had a range of interested parties, some with clear ideas of the sort of recycling and reuse business they wanted to start, some, a cohort of apprentices we are working with from delivery partners ACE, totally fresh to the wonders of waste and recycling.

Meanwhile, we had some long time LCRN supporters – Darren Taylor from Eco Communities and Diye Wariebi from Digibridge, talking about their stories. How they came up with their great social businesses. Training people, recycling and refurbishing computers, supporting literacy, even taking over libraries. All from tiny beginnings, all firmly based in their communities, all well run, profitable businesses that plough their income back in to their social aims.

And whilst they spoke, the room changed. It was tangible. Young lads, who had never thought twice about what they threw out, what went in the bin, started to think anew. They listened, rapt, for three solid hours of talking. Brim full of intelligent, searching questions. All with one thought as they left the room – what can I do? What’s my big idea?

Go on then – what’s your big idea?

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