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Vocational training in WEEE management is coming

If you don’t know what WEEE is, now is the chance to learn about it and enhance your prospects of employment in the recycling and re-use sector.

WEEE stands for Waste of Electronic and Electrical Equipment which in real terms means any appliance with a plug on it or an electrical power supply – even a battery.  In the UK we throw away millions of tonnes of WEEE every year and in London alone  it amounts to 170,000 tonnes.  It is important that we recycle and reuse as much of this WEEE as possible and while each year we get better and better at it, there is a need to improve our efforts.

The waste industry is a serious business, it’s growing with a widening range of job opportunities.  New systems are being introduced to deal with our waste and one priority in particular is WEEE.  That’s where EwasteR comes in.

EwasteR is in the first stages of a new vocational  training qualification aimed at employees and students alike who are making a career in the WEEE industry.

This first stage is called pilot training. This means that we are testing the content of the training material for future validation.  Trainees will learn lots of relevant knowledge and skills about the WEEE industry from both a management and operator point of view.


What can be learnt?

There are six training units that comprise the pilot training course.  For a detailed breakdown of the course material, you can download the PDF below. Please notice that the course material is very practical and hands on.

Where does the training take place?

We are organising the training venues in organisations operating in the WEEE sector, whether that’s recycling or reuse.  Perhaps you have a venue to offer? It can be in London or outside, we are open to offers.

How long will the training last?

A pilot training course is much shorter than a full qualification as it trials some of the content. We hope to deliver training of 100 hours over a three month period so its very much flexible and part time in nature.  The training can start in December 2016 and must be completed by March 2017.

Who is organising and running  the training?

LCRN is delivering much of the six training units described above but we want to hear from those  of you who already deliver WEEE training in some way to see if you can deliver some of the units or whole units for us.

Is there a cost for the pilot training?

No, the training is free of charge but you must commit the time to complete the 100 hours of training.

What’s the incentive as a trainee?

  • We’ll pay your travel expenses to attend.
  • If you complete the course you’ll get a bonus.
  • There is not a test or exam: the assessment is done by continuous assessment.
  • You’ll gain useful knowledge and insight into the recycling and reuse of WEEE which will enhance your prospects of finding employment.
  • You’ll receive some career guidance and help to prepare you for job interviews.
  • You’ll get a reference for your participation on the pilot training course.
  • It’s shorter than a full qualification so is useful as a taster.
  • We are aiming to have the training recognised as 11 training credits towards an accredited qualification.
  • You are helping us decide what parts of the training works well and which parts don’t work so well.

What’s the incentive as a trainer or training organisation?

  • If you take on and run the full pilot training which is 100 hours of training and 60 hours of preparation/admin and cover at least 4 trainees through to completion we will reimburse you £3,000.
  • All the training materials and assessment procedures are written by us and will be given to you.
  • In the long term you will have the advantage of prior knowledge of the full qualification once it has been developed from the pilot in 2017 – 2018.
  • You get full support from the UK EwasteR partners.
  • There will be the chance to make communication links with trainers and trainees in the other partner countries in order to share best practice.


Who is managing EwasteR?

LCRN, in partnership with WAMITAB and UCLAN (University of Central Lancashire), are the UK partners in partnership with organisations in three other  EU countries – Cyprus, Italy, Poland.  Each country is running the pilot training. The EwasteR partnership has been working over the last year to design the pilot training which will eventually lead to a recognised accredited qualification for all of the EU.

Next steps

At this first step we are testing the training material, how the training is delivered and how the learning  is assessed.  We need your help to dummy run the pilot training course starting in December and January.

Get involved

Whether you want to be on the receiving end of the training as a trainee or at the delivery end as a trainer we want to hear from you.  Even if you just want to be kept informed of progress please get in touch.

For general information and further enquiries

Please contact vj@lcrn.org.uk  and/or  richard@lcrn.org.uk if you would like to discuss EwasteR further.  You can also find further information by visiting: www.ewaster.eu


Funded by:

Erasmus+ Programme: Sector Skills Alliances.


Charity Number: 1118616 | Company Number: 4323551