RBS Announces Inspiring Enterprise Funding Rounds in 2014 (UK)

The Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) has announced the funding rounds for its “Inspiring Enterprise” programme in 2014.
A total of £1million of grants will be made available to support organisations which help young people and women to start up and succeed in business. £500,000 of funding is set aside for youth enterprise and a further £500,000 available for women in enterprise. There will be two funding rounds across the year for both target groups, with £250,000 of funding available in each round. Application rounds are open for two weeks – they open on a Monday and close two weeks later on the Monday at noon. The first round of Inspiring Youth Enterprise funding in 2014 opens on Monday 20 January.
The first round of Inspiring Women in Enterprise in 2014 funding opens on Monday 7 April. For both funding streams grants will be available for projects that “raise enterprise awareness and support women and young people in being more enterprising, exploring the option of self employment and, ultimately, setting up in business.

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