REPURPOSE PROJECT – September 2016 Update


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REPURPOSE – making re-use a possibility on housing estates:

The five housing estates based re-use projects are having a good summer collection household items and passing them on.  The project on the White City estate for instance has clocked up 15 tonnes of furniture collected for re-use in the last year, and, just as important has involved 45 volunteers participating in re-use activities. If you want to find out more go to


Getting together with housing estates management and waste management officers

Today (31 August) a discussion workshop was held with all the key managers of the White City estate in LB Hammersmith & Fulham to review  the Loop’s work and its future beyond March 2017.  Chaired by Richard Featherstone and with three representatives of Groundwork nine managers representing the borough’s estates management, the waste management and the contractors had an insightful discussion to begin the process of deciding how the positive  impact of the Loop so far could be developed into mainstream services to hit policy priorities and contribute to contract targets. An action plan will be drawn up in the weeks to come.  Four similar meetings are being organised with the stakeholders of the other four  Loop schemes within the Repurpose project.


Lifting and Carrying Furniture Safely

Is the title of a training session put on for Repurpose teams to improve their techniques for shifting furniture and appliances around the estates. The workers attending said that they found the session really useful because it has increased their ability and confidence with heavy furniture. Learning how to use the carry straps made a big difference to lightening the load and reducing the effort it takes to carry a double wardrobe, they said.  Any furniture projects interested in having the course run at their own project should contact Richard Featherstone on

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