Special advertising deal for LCRN members

The Source Group is offering members a special deal on  Digital Outdoor Video Broadcasting across London for community groups, social enterprises and charities.

According to Tony Nerkowski, regional brand manager for the group, his company will build your charity or social enterprise an animated promotional video, aired all day, every day, on the video screen pods in shopping centres stations and high streets around London.  And, he adds, for instance the video screen pod in the Kingsland Centre in Dalston offers double-sided eye-level information on a 55in screen.

The scheme is  ideal for local community minded services – colleges, charities, schools, local authority campaigns, to raise public awareness and showcase services visually. Great for broadcasting changing promotions you may have.

Your ad will be shown on rotation  a guaranteed minimum of 10 plays per hour with a standard 10 second video, all day, every day, more when the network is not running at full capacity. Or a 20 second video with guaranteed minimum five plays per hour. And the message can change up to three times a year.

“We tend to run at between 25-50% capacity so most clients experience much greater play rates – up to four times the minimum 10 repeats per hour,” says Tony. He adds that the footfall in the centre is about 100,000 a week.

“We will take existing promotional material – logo, graphics, images, video, text and create for you a visual announcement of your services, to a wide and diverse local audience.”

Interested LCRN members should contact Tony Nerkowski on 07795 965 767 or 01245 256 554.

Usual cost of the advertising is six months @ £50 per week = £1,300 or 12 months @ £40 per week = £2,080

But Tony is offering a discount for LCRN members of book 12 months, get second year FREE which will cost  your charity just £20 per week!

Click here to see a map of all Source sites: http://batchgeo.com/map/29e3dc018db16f15f2c7e07827fafe36

Charity Number: 1118616 | Company Number: 4323551