Thief who stole electric bike calls owner for help recharging it

When an electric bike gets stolen, this is pretty much the best outcome you could hope for.

Ben Jaconelli left his electric GoCycle locked up on an East London street, only to find 20 minutes later that it was not there.

Jaconelli owns a bike shop and operates an electric bike e-commerce site.

So when he got a phone call at the shop about how to charge a GoCycle, he knew it was the thief — and he got his bike back.

Jaconelli took down as many details from the caller as possible and then set about tracking him down.

One of the guys at the warehouse had an old army truck and he and Jaconelli piled into that and drove to his house.

He was out, but his bemused mother was in and she got straight on the phone to her son to demand to know why he wanted an electric bike charger.

A minute later he called Jaconelli to ask why he was at his house. Jaconelli said that he had stolen his bike.

The thief hung up and 20 minutes later the bike arrived at the warehouse in a taxi.

From Grist



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