Tree Walk Crouch End Festival

Haringey Tree Wardens hold tree-related events every month in different parts of the borough.

On Sunday June 8 between 3pm and 4pm, the wardens will offer an opportunity to discover more about local street trees. The party will walk along a suitable street, exchanging knowledge. Some of us do maintenance if needed. Most come to look and learn.

For the June Walk, the wardens are returning to Crouch End during the Crouch End Festival. Please meet us at 3pm on Sunday 8th June outside the Blue Legume Cafe (130 Haringey Park, London N8 9DY), at the corner of Haringey Park and Crouch Hill.

Most of the trees in Cecile Park are flowering cherries but there are a number of species not recorded though. Can you help us identify them? You can identify trees in various ways. There’s a list that can help on their website

Complete beginners are welcome. Several of us know very little, some of us know quite a bit and we’re all keen to learn.

If you have any books or guides that might help give us a key to tree identification, please bring what you can easily carry.

Photographers are welcome. We always look to add to our list of identified trees and hope you’ll contribute a few of the pictures you take if you wish.

The Tree Walk is intended to last around an hour. Rain will not stop us but it is wise to be prepared though.

Please note that you don’t have to be a tree warden to join in. Many people simply turn up every so often to look and learn and sometimes to contribute.



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