Update from Richard Featherstone

Richard has been spending the last 2 months visiting colleagues and friends at many of the reuse sector projects across the network.  This has not only kept him up to date with on-going concerns from organisations but has enabled him to think about the services he can offer as a continuation of LCRN’s support to its members.  Not only is he offering the following support as detailed below, Richard would like to hear from you – what are your concerns this year and how might he be able to help you?  So far,  Richard has identified the following:

  • Manual handling training – this can be quite expensive if you go for an accredited course.  A group of 12 persons will cost about £445 +VAT.  Alternative to that, Richard can offer a practical know-how half day learning session for a group of up to 5 operatives for £270.  This is not accredited but will improve operatives’ skills at handling furniture in critical spaces and thus reduce the risk of accidents and injuries.  For a session plan please contact: richard.reuse@hotmail.com
  • Grant funding applications – have you started funding applications but not yet had the time to finish it or need someone to look over the technical detail? Richard is able to edit and check as well as adding in the context of the wider reuse sector.  Should you want to start grant applications from scratch he is open to discussing that too.
  • More customers: more sales – if this is your priority Richard can spend time pitching to housing associations and community groups that will attract a greater foot fall through your door.  His experience within the re-use sector has enabled him to develop a referral ordering system which can be valuable to your business if you haven’t already set one up. Please contact Richard if you want him to work with you on developing stronger links with customers with a referral system.

In the meantime, here is just a sample of the type of work he has been doing with LCRN and other organisations / local authorities:

  • Groundwork London – to advise and support the REpurpose project which has set up re-use facilities on 5 housing estates in London.  These facilities will need your collaboration with feedstock and sales.
  • EwasteR project – supporting and bringing accredited training to WEEE workshops in 2016.
  • Research project for NLWA about WEEE reuse; results out next month (March 2016).

There is much more advice, guidance and knowledge being imparted on a daily basis so please keep in touch by contacting: richard.reuse@hotmail.com | 07557 819 483

Remember, reuse is Richards middle name!

Charity Number: 1118616 | Company Number: 4323551