A Volunteer Experience at LCRN


I had a brilliant time volunteering at LCRN as the Newsletter, Press and Web Support Assistant.  I can’t think of a better way to have learned about the current state of the environmental movement in London, and all the different organisations that play an active part in it. LCRN has a very clear mission – to facilitate community-led sustainable resource management – and it was great to be able to focus on that specific aspect of environmentalism in the UK.

I spent most of my time at LCRN researching and writing about events, news and progress happening in London’s reuse/recycling/waste-reduction community.   Alice and the rest of the team really encouraged and supported me to go out in person and see what different groups were getting up to, and introduce myself as the face of LCRN and see what more we could do to help facilitate their work.

In just four months I’ve gained loads of hands-on journalism, web publishing and social media experience.   The role was a perfect balance of challenge and flexibility.   I felt trusted to work independently and come up with my own ideas, but questions were always welcomed and taken seriously.

What I’ve learned about the reuse and repair community here, and the push for a circular economy throughout Europe, has been incredibly inspirational: I can’t wait to see if any of the great ideas I’ve seen here could translate back in Melbourne.   My only regret is that I wasn’t around during the time of year that LCRN puts on community events and training.   That’s all about to kick off right now, but Copenhagen’s calling…



Kim Garrett, July 2016


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