Waste4Fuel served with Environment Agency enforcement notice

The Environment Agency has served an enforcement notice against Kent-based RDF firm Waste4Fuel, to prevent more waste from being delivered to its site in Orpington.

As a result of the notice, anyone depositing waste at the site will be committing an offence and could face further action by the Agency.

Last week the High Court dismissed charges of contempt brought against the company by the Agency in relation to the firm’s alleged failure to comply with an order to install fire breaks and separate areas for new waste at the site which is located in Cornwall Drive.

Thousands of tonnes of waste have been accumulated at the site prompting complaints from local residents and politicians.

The Environment Agency is awaiting a written decision from the High Court over its ruling last week in order to decide if further action is necessary.

Andrew Pearce, Environment Agency area manager for Kent and south London, said: “This enforcement notice is another step towards the Environment Agency bringing the Waste4Fuel site back into compliance.

“The High Court Order we secured last year has not been complied with, and waste on site is slowly increasing. We understand the frustration of local residents and are doing everything within our power to bring the site back into compliance as soon as possible.”

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