Whey to go!

LCRN, London’s leading waste prevention charity, has had an unusual request from FoodSave, part of Sustain: the alliance for better food and farming.

Needless to say,  LCRN thrives on unusual requests so we pass it on to our members who, we hope, will come up with a solution.

FoodSave helps SMEs, manufacturers, suppliers and retailers, to change their buying habits so less food is wasted.

But it also acknowledges there is waste food and, indeed, surplus food and, here, it helps those same businesses to source environmentally-friendly solutions.

Which brings us to the unusual request. FoodSave wants to help one of its businesses, a small cheesemaker in Brockley, south London, to transport its whey (a by-product of cheesemaking) to Surrey Docks Farm which is three to four miles away. At the farm it can be used as animal feed, saving money for both the cheesemaker (it costs £65 a fortnight for the whey to be collected for energy generation) and the farm.

The whey would need to be delivered to the farm weekly.

Any organisation or person interested in helping out should phone Charlotte at FoodSave on 020 7065 0902 or email: charlotte@sustainweb.org.

Business, manufacturers, suppliers or restaurant or small retailers who want help to save waste and surplus food should also phone FoodSave.

Website: www.sustainweb.org/foodsave



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